Massage Therapy


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Now open 7 days a week, visit our facility with all New Tanning Beds and recently remodeled Tan & Spa. 

Relax and Enjoy some of our Favorite Modalities

Service       60 Min     60 Min  
Swedish Massage       $65     $102  
One of our most requested. Light effleurage stroking and gliding with firm pressure resulting in immediate relaxation. A series of gentle stretches and touch therapies.
Therapeutic       $75     $117  
Start off your recovery with an assessment and palpation of the problem area to determine the best modality for your specific needs. Specialty products and heated stone therapy to target the area in question and restore mobility.  
Deep Tissue       $85     $132  
Therapeutic compression is given to relieve pain. Muscles are lengthened and scar tissue broken up to restore muscle memory. Say good-bye to knots and sore aching muscles with penetrating deep tissue oils and heated basalt stones for release of stressed and oer worked muscle beds.  
Hot Stone       $85     $132  

The ultimate in relaxation therapy. Hand selected basalt stones sculpted by natures forces are brought to a core temperature of 110 degrees, radiating deep penetrating heat to melt your stress away. Cooling the stones begins with long flowing strokes infusing the skin and muscles with gentle tension reducing modalities on targeted areas. Relax and Enjoy! 

Hot Bamboo       $75     $117  
Lomi - Lomi       $75        
For More intensive relief of sore muscle tissue add aroma therapy by applyin essential oils.       $10        
Gift Certificates Available                
Couples Massage and Massage Parties upon request.
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