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Get the Best Results Possible!
Lotions increase your results by 40-60%!  Make the most of your session by using one of our accelerator, bronzer or tingle lotions.  These lotions prepare your skin by stimulating the melanin and bringing it closer to the surface so you get the darkest, most even looking tan possible.  We offer a wide selection along with samples to help you select the perfect one.

Selecting a Lotion
Lotions are used to speed the tanning process as well as create the deepest, most even tone.  They are available in many varieties and are formulated for the various phases of the tanning process.  Lotions contain vitamins and nutrients that keep your skin stay moisturized and healthy looking.  Our staff is experienced with each lotion we carry and will be happy to help you select the best lotion for your tanning needs.

Accelerator Lotions
An accelerator lotion is used in the initial phase of tanning to establish a deep, dark, even base color.  It is designed to stimulate melanin and really moisturize your skin.  Quality lotions help prevent skin damage and premature aging by supporting your skin's natural process of using melanin to create a protective coating.

Bronzing Lotions
Once you have achieved your base tan, it is best to step it up a notch with a bronzing lotion.  Bronzing lotions have both, self-tanning agents along with accelerating, intensifying and moisture retention ingredients for the darkest, most even color.  Well moisturized skin is key at any stage of tanning.

Tingle Lotions
Once you have reached your maximum tan capacity, it’s best to advance to a tingle lotion or a tingle with a bronzer.  Tingle lotions use ingredients like Benzyl or Methyl Nicotinate to stimulate circulation at the skin surface.  The more oxygen your skin receives, the darker your tan.  Different products contain lower and higher amounts of tingle.  Fair and sensitive skinned individuals and those still building a base tan should avoid the use of this type of product.

After you have been tanning for a while, try returning to an accelerator for 3-4 sessions then go back to your bronzing or tingle lotion.  Over time, as with many cosmetic products, results seem to diminish.  If this happens, you can improve your results by switching to another brand for a month or two or alternating products as you maintain your tan.

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